Latest trends in the Photo Booth world

I was hoping to get this up a little sooner after returning from the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas a few weeks ago but re-orgainzing a shop and getting on top of upcoming events took priority!

As usual the Expo showcased the latest in photo booths and photo booth trends. We're always excited to attend and come home with new inspiration and equipment. This year was no different. While I went down with 3 missions that of course changed when I got there! My wife told me she fully expected this based on my visits the last 3 years.

The transition from photo only booths to GIFs, burst (boomerang), video, slo-motion and array is happening incredibly quick. Digital technology advances and software developers have found ways to bring features that cost upwards of $10-$20k only a couple of years ago down to prices that are far more affordable and in reach of consumers. A good example of this is a 360 slo motion booth that would cost over $8000 6 months ago can now be had for under $3000 and the results are absolutely incredible.

Another great find we brought home was a mobile, handheld booth that brings all the features of a photo booth directly to the guests. Coming in under 3 pounds with a beautiful LED light ring you're going to get even more pics and video and some incredible candids. Take the booth to the people!

Last but not least is our new Mosaic booth. Give us any picture and we'll create a mosaic print made up of alll your guests photos over the course of the event. Guests take their picutre and we prints out a 2" x 2" photo sticker that gets placed on a grid. As it fills in over the course of the evening your picture will start to appear and by the end of the night you'll have a custom, unique keepsake. The finished product can be anywhere from 2' x 3' up to 8' x 12'!

Alright, that's all for now! I'll pop back in next week to let you know what's happening in our world. If you have any questions feel free to call, email or text. We alwasys love to chat about photo booths!